Hot meme coin Burn Kenny jumps 1.5X at launch, triggers 30% supply burn and alpha call

burn kenny meme coin

South Park-inspired meme coin Burn Kenny saw its token price jump 1.5X on launch day before hitting near-term lows, and is now consolidating as it prepares for more headway.

Pre-sale buyers of the coin were sitting on an early profit of 60%, buying the coin at $0.0001875 to help it touch its intraday high of $0.0002987.

10% of the $KENNY token supply burned and more to come in the coming days

However, there remains bullish sentiment around the coin due to its burn schedule over the next three days, in which 10% of the total supply is removed daily.

Today’s Burn Kenny token burn has already taken place, with 666,666,666 removed from circulation.

Two more events are due to happen in the next few days, hence buyers are getting attracted towards the coin.

Burn Kenny Coin is trending #1 on DEXtools

The viral success of the Burn Kenny coin launch is perhaps a testament to the pulling power of the South Park brand, but also a testament to the team’s clever token design and savvy marketing.

Kenny is one of the main characters of the South Park cartoon comedy, which is well-loved for its irreverence and the trend in which Kenny dies at the hands of ‘those bastards’ in every episode.

Signs of the coin’s growing popularity are evident as $KENNY is trending at number 1 on DEXtools, the leading site for tracking new decentralized exchange (DEX) listings.

Biran Keni is trending on coin no.  1 on Dextools

The positive sentiment has been further strengthened by the commencement of alpha calls for the coin.

Crypto Whale Pumps, a Telegram-based Alpha Call group with over 22,200 members, scored another win after recommending pumping $KENNY at launch.

In his commentary on the initial price action, its analyst says there is still money to be made:

It didn’t drop below the pre-sale price for 30 minutes – Plenty of opportunities to take first profit or exit without loss The initial sellers were hit while the team worked to get the 99/99 dex score, hot pairs, and trending on dextools. return to profit (as expected) And another opportunity to earn money.

There are many reasons people support the controversy over crypto whale pumps.

Looks like the team at $KENNY knows what they are doing on the marketing front, so the coin started trending at number 1 on DEXtools after about an hour of trading.

In addition, $330k of liquidity is locked in for three months and there are no taxes on transactions or blacklisting actions in the smart contract code, a concern for buyers.

$KENNY price is about to increase 2 more times

Burn Kenny’s token price is consolidating at the $0.00021-22 level as it builds energy for the next push.

Trading volume is around $1 million and there are 700 token holders at the time of writing – a respectable number at this early stage of the lifecycle.

Bernie Kenny’s launch day performance is all the more notable as it comes against the backdrop of bitcoin falling to $29,100 and OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman’s much-hyped WorldCoin launch.

Despite all that market noise, Bernd Kenny got a hearing, and there’s no doubt he’ll build on that strong platform in the weeks ahead.

Crypto traders on Twitter are also getting in on the action. In a tweet from Rain NFT to its 119k followers it said:

Burn Kenny price could accelerate 2 times from the current levels to a target of $0.00045.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You can lose all your capital.

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